En opposition au risque de conflict en Irak,
U.M.C. s'engage auprès de l'association Peace Not War. 
32 artistes de tous horizons se sont réunis pour délivrer une
compilation au message universel :





DOUBLE CD - prix spécial      Vous pouvez acheter ici ce double album CD


1) Billy Bragg : The Price of Oil (titre exclusif)

2) Midnight Oil : US Forces (n°1 en Australie en 84)

3) Public Ennemy : Son Of Bush

4) Ms Dynamite : Watch Over Them

5) Massive Attack : Inertia Creeps (remixe exclusif par The Manic Street Preachers)

6) Roots Manuva : Juggle Tings Proper (Ninja Tune)

7) Asian Dub Foundation : Rape (Tactic Of War) (titre exclusif, texte par Tariq Ali)

8) Fun<da<mental : A Lesson In Love (titre rare)

9) Crass : Nagasaki Nightmare (titre exclusif)

10) Chumba Wamba : Jacob’s Ladder (version acoustique du single qui sera réalisé en décembre)

11) Coldcut : Atomic Moog (mix par Cornelius / Ninja Tune)

12) Slovo : 21 Today

13) Nitin Sawhney : (titre exclusif / trip-hop)

14) Sia : Fear (single soul/funk)

15) Persian Carpets : Allah Save Queens (titre exclusif avec Jello Biafra)

16) The Mark Of Cain : Lone Pine (12000 ex. vendus en Australie)

17) Alabama 3 : woody guthrie

18) Seize The Day : I Swear

19) Bindi Blacher : Down (titre exclusif dans la lignée Joni Mitchell)

20) Ginger Tom : Hey Hey USA (actuellement Top 10 charts indépendants)

21) John Lester : Out Of The Clear Blue Sky

22) Pok & The Space Goats (à la Syd Barret)

23) Torben & Joe : Money Is Your Blood

24) Change : We Want A Ceasefire (titre exclusif)

25) The Unpeople : The Unpeople (titre exclusif, hip hop cokney)

26) Girlfriend : (titre exclusif)

27) Laszlo Beckett : what to do

28) Mud Family : Peace not War

29) DJ DisOrientalist : Occident & Emergency

30) GM Babies : See What Happens

31) Ani Difranco:  Self Evident




Public Enemy, Billy Bragg, Alabama 3, Roots Manuva, Chumbawamba, Coldcut, Massive Attack, Nitin Sawhney, Sia and Ani DiFranco are among the rock, rap, pop and dance artists who are inspiring the growing anti-war movement by contributing music to the fundraising compilation "PEACE NOT WAR".

The double album brings together 31 songs from different genres, by culturally diverse artists - from established recording stars to unsigned musicians, opposing the War On Terror and making noise for peace. The compilation will be sold worldwide, with all proceeds going to local peace groups in each country.

The peaceful explosion sparked in September when musicians Kelly and Mudge of Australian band Change put out an email for contributions for a fundraiser CD. "When we got involved in the anti-war movement in London," say Kelly and Mudge, "it was clear that the Stop the War Coalition were making a huge impact with little funding, and we hoped that music could fund them to do more, as well as inspire people to get active." They had no idea of the depth of resistance to the war within the music industry.

"you can keep the pentagon, keep the propaganda
keep each and every TV that's been trying to convince me
to participate in some prep school punk's plan to perpetuate retribution"
Ani DiFranco: Self Evident

"Over 60 bands submitted a song: many had already written about the war and others went straight into the studio when they heard about the compilation. The higher up the music industry food chain we ventured, the more musicians we uncovered who were interested. We were also surprised to be offered help from managers and record companies, manufacturers and press: everyone was coming out against the war.

"Bin Laden once drank from America's cup
just like that election down in Florida, this shit doesn't all add up
'cause it's all about the price of oil"
Billy Bragg: The Price of Oil

The combination of established and unsigned acts on Peace Not War has not only yielded a unique mixture of genres, it's also a long-overdue redefinition of what protest music sounds like. Fat beats, crunchy guitars and cosmic synths surround the odd folk song, while lyrics range from sharp criticism to satire and positivity about the peace movement.

"why is Tony Blair so constantly ensconced in the posterior of the American President?"
Tariq Ali (Asian Dub Foundation remix): Not In My Name

"Mass protest is making a difference, and we believe musicians can inform and inspire people to stop the war. If musicians represent popular feeling, we get the sense that a peaceful revolution has already started...and is getting louder."
"this is the world I want to live on, this is the world I want to love
and we are the people to make a change, can't leave it up to the man above"
Bindi Blacher: Down
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